• Rubber covering technology is adopted for head pulley to increase friction coefficient and improve the driving efficiency; height of discharging section of head is increased, thus extending the materials discharging time. And it is fitted with outlet adjusting plate and buffer chamber to effectively reduce the returning of materials.


  • The edge meshing technology of edge-meshing machine is adopted, resulting in high strength and good tightness; The balancing pipe is added to balance the pressure between two housings of machine body; Wide opening type access door facilitates the repair and replacement of buckets; Explosion-proof port is available and can effectively reduce pressure and release explosion.


  • New type shaft end sealing structure prevents dusts from leaking; Split structure of bearing housing guarantees the reliability of use of machine; Two sealing devices in the adjusting plate prevent the dust and materials from leaking out of the adjusting plate; The machine is fitted with anti-reversing device so as to avoid the blockage caused by power failure; It can be fitted with speed detecting and sideslip arm device according to the requirement of user, ensuring safe and normal production.



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